About Us and TDP

Hi! A and Y Ikeda here. 

We live in Tochigi and we like it here.

We're not professional photographers - we simply enjoy capturing the moment.

We take our photos using whatever is available - from our dinky cellphones to a couple of rather old digital SLRs.

And oh yeah, we love cats. We REALLY love cats. You'll see a lot of cats on this blog, that much is certain.

If you want to contact us, or want to use one of our photos (all of them are available in high resolution and LARGE size), here is our email address:
budgettrouble.blog (at) gmail.com

Anna and Yoshi

PS. And if it can't be done in a darkroom, we don't do it digitally either. Fair's fair.


Celeste - Japan said...

Seeking Quotes and Insights for a Book About Working in Japan

I found your blog on the Japan Blog List and am contacting you regarding research for a new book I’m writing for ThingsAsian Press. I am looking for insights and quotable comments from individuals who have worked in Japan. I’m gathering information on a variety of fields, such as teaching, technology, office-based business, consultant services, visual arts, music, culinary arts, martial arts, entertainment, fashion, volunteer work, etc.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please respond and I will send you a questionnaire. The reward for your efforts will include writer’s credits and bio, plus six copies of the published book.
Looking forward to your reply….Celeste

2cats said...

Hi Celeste,
thank you for your comment.
Could you be so kind and email me at the address found in this post? I can't respond via email to your comment.
Thank you!

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