Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Izakaya bottles

Nicely lined up:

What's on those tags? Names of guys who  those bottles belong to.

When they come, they drink their "own" liquor.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

At Yasukuniya in Nikko

Yasukuniya is a typical countryside izakaya.
What's not typical about it is that it's famous for a gigantic proportions pork steak.
It's so famous, it's been featured on NHK.

Here's what I saw.

Unremarkable from the outside:

A simple, gray building:

A very cramped interior:

And a small "reserved" dining area:

But the food... Oh, the food is delicious!!!

Heavenly buta kimchi (pork kimchi):

And finally, the dish that brought the NHK tv crew here:

Pork steak so big they call it "Ayers Rock". My hand next to it for scale. Yep, it's huge slab of meat. And it's delicious. They can make a doggy-bag for you if you can't finish it all there.

There is also a monster-sized fried chicken on the menu. I want to try it next time :-)
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