Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mikoshi and me

All dressed up and ready to go:

Listening to the speeches of our dear leaders telling us to behaving ourselves:

And off we go:


lina1975 said...

You were right in front! And you look so sweet with flowers( was it flower) in your hair. ^^

I think this is the first time I saw your photo here. :)

Anzu said...

半被と足袋姿、お似合いですよ。 可愛い笑顔の素敵な女性ですね。 (b^ー゚) cute ♪

Jon Lenvik said...

Hey, you got to be in front. Very cool.

Anzu said...

 お名前を入力し忘れて ごめんなさい。

Shinichi HIRANO said...

Not bad, you're cute. Hope you sometimes leave your cameras and join Matsuri..

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