Monday, April 11, 2011

Sakura at Jikoji Temple


Anzu said...

桜が咲くと 日本人は少しづつ、少しづつ元気になりますね。 不思議ですね。

Willhayden33 said...

Thanks for sharing one of my favorite places in Japan.. with all the woodcarvings there at Nikko and me a hobby type woodcarver from America.. My wife's family is from Honjo, Saitama-ken.. so on all of our visite we always make the trip up the mountain.
Due to health problems we have not been able to do it like we did a few years ago.. normally every two to three years..
I am on O2 24 seven.. so do not really get out to much..
Will Hayden
Vancouver WA

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