Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two days after the Tohoku earthquake

For folks who got here via the Homsteading forum - this is NOT in Tokyo. I repeat - this is NOT in Tokyo. 
This is in a town called Utsunomiya, located 108 km NORTH of Tokyo.
The situation here has nothing to do with Tokyo, or people working in Tokyo, or being stuck in Tokyo and buying food in Tokyo.
(And that sort of mass misinformation is precisely why foreign media idiot reporters should stop interviewing people in Tokyo).

We went to the store today.

Mister commented "So this is what the Soviet Union must have been like, huh?"

There were some items left, but most of the essential were all gone.

Our rolling blackout schedule has been announced and not a candle or a battery can be found for purchase in Tochigi.

And here is what happened in Tochigi on March 11, 2011 - link.

And here is what my husband wrote on his blog - link.


musings said...

That is really eerie. Those girls look quite cheerful though. I'm still waiting to hear about our Sendai relatives. They were sleeping in a car the last I heard because their two story house was still unstable.

Madge said...

Oh my.. such a terrible situation.. my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan. Powerful images.

Fiziskandarz said...

my oh my. hope you have enough ration to keep going until the next food stock coming! take care.

Leif Hagen said...

I've never ever seen such empty grocery store shelves! I hope the situation will improve every day!
Ganbatte kudasai! Genki de ne!
Regards and best wishes from EAGAN daily photo

robert said...


wishing you patience, good thoughts and an as much as possible good new week.

daily athens

Mike said...

I was supposed to travel back to Utsunomiya in late March. Does anyone think things will be okay by then? I'm sure it's difficult to predict but I just want to get a better idea of the current situation.

Gunn said...

Is this the situation in most shops??
Strong documentary.

lina1975 said...

I watched the news this morning, and what I marveled was, people were queuing nicely to buy stuff and provisions.

VP said...

Interesting images, I hope those shelf will be soon full again...

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