Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ultra invasion

It's begun!

This is just for Lina:

And my entry for Show Me Japan. To see more photos from Japan, click on the image below.


lina1975 said...

My Son take one look at this photo and exclaimed, that's Ultraman Great! May his "Great"ness protect you guys in Tochigi and all over Japan while wearing a full body spandex. (OK, you have to be an Urutora otaku to understand that spandex thingy) Hahaha

I'm so touched with this post. :)

Anna Ikeda said...

It was a half-abandoned factory of some kind.

Anna Ikeda said...

nobody's! It was there already, by the entrance, guarding the place! :-)

Anna Ikeda said...

He is cool, isn't he?

lina1975 said...

Really? Cool! But poor guy being left there with nobody to play with. :D

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