Sunday, February 13, 2011

At the laundromat

Because I know you're just dying to see what a Japanese coin laundry looks like, right?

Right. :-)

Hey, that's one way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Dirty sneakers? No problem.

I'm sure my cats would enjoy watching the things go round and round a lot more than I did. LOL!

This is my entry for Show Me Japan. Click on the icon below to see what other people are showing.


FuKnWitU said...

Laundry being washed with club music in the background :) It's my first time...seeing it like that ;)

Anna Ikeda said...

It was either that, or the sound of my head banging against the screen.

Babzy said...

nice way to show us japanese way of life ... thaks for the video :) well done !

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