Sunday, January 23, 2011

Felis Cat Cafe revisited

Yesterday we went to a cat cafe. Though the actual name of the place is Felis Ristorante and Cat Lounge, we normally refer to it as "neko cafe". This one is not part of any neko cafe chain, it's an independent establishment and a cat sanctuary.

And this is what it is:

The cat bar, hehehe...

No photos, please!

Satisfied customers...

You can enjoy your meal surrounded by 30 cats...

Happiness lives here...

Or sleeps here... He just crawled under my coat and took a nap.

And here's a video:

This is my entry for the Show Me Japan meme. Click on the image below to see what other people are posting about Japan this weekend.

PS. First time we visited Felis was back in August 2009. Here's that blog post.

1 comment:

Paul at Leeds DP said...

Great place, though not really sure I would want 30 cats sharing my lunch. I quite like cats, though I could not eat a whole one! Great photos.

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