Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Sunday in Nikko

Yes, it was the October edition of the 1000 warrior march. With anything but warriors, and nowhere near close to one thousand.

But that's OK.

You can't have a procession without a mikoshi. Only one in the fall, but there are three in the spring edition of this event.

Bored old people...

And a foreigner so excited his tongue was hanging out.

You know what? You're marching with kids half your age, you are twice (if not three times) their size, and you look painfully out of place. I understand that you are excited and that this is a big deal for you. But c'mon now... Sticking out your tongue? No wonder that so many Japanese think that foreigners have no class and zero manners.

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Unknown said...

I've been catching up on your blog, what fantastic photos (and portraits!) you have on this page! Great captures indeed!

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