Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daimyo Gyoretsu in Utsunomiya

Feudal lords procession to the Utsunomiya Castle Park.

And they were no lords, only elementary and high school kids (with a few adults) in period dressup.

The procession went from Nishi elementary school along Orion-dori (Orion St) to Futaara shrine.

And then from the shrine to the Castle park.

Nothing exciting. I couldn't believe that I had to get up at 7AM for THAT! Boo...

And here's a very short and very boring video of what it looked like:


Japy said...

I love the last one with all the feet. Greetings.

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks for your comment on St. Louis Daily Photo. My wife and I enjoy Japan very much and are planning our fourth visit in April. I'm trying to brush up my bad Japanese. We have been as close to you as Nikko but will be going southwest from Tokyo next time. We were in Nikko in the fall of 2008 and just happened into the great festival. Your pictures here remind me of those images. These are very, very well composed, full of the spirit of the event.

2cats said...

Hi Japy!
Thank you for the comment! :)

Hi Bob,
the festival you saw in Nikko in the fall was most likely the Sennin Gyoretsu - 1000 warrior march. We went there this year:




sixmats said...

Nice pictures! I like some of the angels you got.

Have the leaves started to change in Nikko yet?

Leif Hagen said...

Some very, very cool and artsy photos! You could be a photographer for the National Geographic magazine!

Unknown said...

I'd like see your artworks on Artists On Show.
I need an your email address to activate you as co-author, so you will post what you want (about contents & time).
Here rules&tips.

bye. Marco.

Yoshi said...


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