Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yabusame at Nakamura Hachimangu in Moka

Sorry, no family album Sunday today.
We went to a festival at the Nakamura Shrine in Moka. There was yabusame (traditional archery on horseback), here are some pictures.

Praying before the event

Yep, there was a girl riding and shooting.

And her skill has visibly improved since last year.

But still, she wasn't as good as this guy:
He was amazing.

He ruled the event.

There was also another guy, but trust me, not worth showing here. Judging by his thick glasses and the fact he missed the target EVERY time, he was either blind, or... blind, I guess.

and here's a video:

We wrote about the Rei Taisai festival at Nakamura Hachimangu in Moka here:


Joanne said...

What great pics, you go and see everything.... I love all the costumes and the tradition is just overwhelming:) Envy is not a nice thing but......

koikoi2002 said...


2cats said...


Hi Joanne,
it was fun, even though I stepped in horse poo, more than once. :-)

Conf-interpreter said...

SIIIIII, ella es maravillosa y bonita así. Simplemente increíble!
She should go for Hollywood to paly in the movie! Just fantastic.

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