Monday, September 20, 2010

Thieving issue solved

The person thieving got his face broken (as promised), so here is a random photo instead:

Sunflowers in Mashiko


Joanne said...

I checked this out , I managed to translate it with google, I see you commented on it, it is a strange blog seems to be referring to Asia especially Japan and south korea, he says that all the photos are from different sources including your blog! I have left a comment so lets wait and see.....

2cats said...

Hi Joanne,
it was my friend who commented over there, I managed to figure out how to leave a comment only thing morning. I actually became a member of that site, so he would see it was me. And thank you so much for commenting over there as well.

I share my photos with many people all over the world, but they all have the decency to ask first. Not like that guy. I so dislike people like that.

Thomas Hammerlund said...

Does he have a broken face yet?

Did you see this at the bottom of the page?


23.09.2010 13:10: I am VERY SORRY to all authors of photos that I used.
I did not have bad intentions. I only wanted to show how beautiful country Japan is.
I was certain that when I use the SOURCE of the picture, web where I found these pictures (what I did always) I do not infringe copyrights.
But I was wrong. So I am sorry and promise to delete these pictures from my blog in a short time or ask for permision of authors.

2cats said...

Hi sixmats,
I actually removed the images on my end. The guy never sent me an email, or anything.
And yes, he got a broken face. LOL!

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