Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Get closer

any closer and you'll park in your neighbors' yard.


michael bird said...

Obviously a car made for a tad bigger parking spot; or is it a car just a little too big for its britches?!

Boom Nisanart said...

That cat has a nice taste !

lina said...

that's a cat withgreat taste. :D

2cats said...

Hi Michael,
our parking spaces are notoriously tight. You should see how some people park their cars, it would make your jaw drop. Honestly. This one is not extreme at all. :-)

Hi Boom and Lina,
great minds think alike!
And incidentally, Lina, I just got my ticket to KL for December. I will be there from Dec 22 to Dec 29. :-)

michael bird said...

Oh, good. Is that a hint or maybe even a promise for a 'jaw-dropping' photo of a neat car all intertwined with a parking spot?! Btw, don't remember seeing that cat there the first time I drove by. Cool cat on a cool car.

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