Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Album Sunday - Yasukuni shrine

Last year, on August 15th - the day Japan surrendered in WW2, we went to Tokyo to visit the controversial shrine. Pics from that visit are here and our written report here.

This year, instead of visiting Yasukuni, we bring you photos from grandma's wartime album.

Yasukuni in 1943 (maybe), but could be before the war.

Soldiers paying their respects before being deployed to the front lines, Showa 18 or 19 (1943 or 1944).

Who's in the car?

Yasukuni priests doing their thing

Front of the shrine

Grandpa (left) and friends.


owenandbenjamin said...

Incredible photos. My wife's grandfather was in the Japanese army fighting in China durring WWII. It is a miracle he survived. He passed away 4 years ago.

2cats said...

Thanks! My husband's great uncle was a POW in Siberia, there were stories of eating human flesh to survive during winter.

owenandbenjamin said...

Wow, frightening. My boss' father was an American POW held in Japan. He passed away several years ago. She says that due to her father's treatment as a POW in Japan, he was bitter towards Japanese all his life. Just last week she showed me some old Japanese money her father had collected after he was released. He and his fellow POW's were released 65 years ago almost to the day. They wandered around for several days before American forces finally entered Japan and rescued them. Apparently that was when he collected some of the Japanese money.

Dragonstar said...

Such important historical photos. What strikes me most is that last photo - your grandfather and his friends were so very young.

John McDevitt said...

A visit to the past. The soldiers (grandpa and friends) are so young. War is so stupid. Bullies in the schoolyard grown far too large. Thanks for sharing these old photos.

2cats said...

you should turn that story into a blog post - take pictures of the old money too.

I couldn't agree more. And they are not much older, or the same age as the kids who go to war today.

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