Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tenno Sai 2010 - the hairstyle edition

Because this is the Tenno Sai weekend in Utsunomiya, there will be no Family Album Sunday today. Instead, we bring you another theme you love - matsuri hairstyles.
Here are some hairy highlights from yesterday's festivities.

You so pretty!

Yeah, it really brings out your cheekbones:

Hairspray was on sale this week:

But not razors:

And we all know that the higher the hair, the closer to gods:

And hey, at least he tried, OK?


Ashley said...

These are great! Oh the variety...

Joanne said...

Love the comments.... Japanese are really into hair styling aren't they? I saw some weird and wonderful sights:))

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Would love to have the local hair dye concession.

2cats said...

Hi Ashley,
the hair is definitely the highlight of any matsuri :-)

yes, they are, and they go a couple extra miles for special festivals.

I thought exactly the same :-)

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