Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Album Sunday - part 4

Dinner in Nikko, ca. 1960.

More old family album photos are here.


Boom Nisanart said...

This is great photo !
I love this. I can see so many dishes on the table. That's so Asian !!! ...we always cook more variety of food and then share so we can have a lots of taste in one meal.

ann p. said...

As I learn more about Asian food, particularly Japanese, I have come to appreciate the variety of colors and flavors in your cuisine. I have also come to appreciate sake, which it looks like the gentleman in this photo has as well! Thank you for yet another beautiful photo from a bygone era.

These photos remind me of the Ozu and Naruse films I have been watching recently as they are from around the same period. I don't know how much of a film buff you are, but I'd love to know what the Japanese people think of these directors' work today. I am a big fan of both, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to find Naruse films here in the US. Hopefully that will soon change.

Anonymous said...

How moving a picture. Seems surely as if he knows where he has been, what time and life was filled with.
How nice to know and feel, that there's place to return to in the evening, with family near, around, within.
Great photography !

daily athens

2cats said...

Thank you all,
I really enjoy posting those old photos. The biggest problem is choosing what to select!
If any of you have any special wishes, please let me know!

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