Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bamba team at Tenno Sai in Utsunomiya 2010

Because my dear husband is crafty like that, he had the good sense to save some images from Tenno Sai on a different storage device - one that is still working.
And because I'm a fan of the guys carrying the big drum, I saved that footage on my MacBook (instead of an external drive).

So here they are - the Bamba team drumming away.

And carrying the big drum up the steps to Futara shrine:

And here it is, captured on video. The guys never stopped drumming:


uth said...

really good festival

B SQUARED said...

Must be so interesting to see in-person.

Joanne said...

Great, not all lost!! Wonderful festival, I so hope to see this one day:)

2cats said...

Thank you all,
yes it was interesting. It was a lot smaller than last year, though.
most of the stuff is lost, which makes me furious, there are just a couple of memory cards that we (luckily) were too busy to erase.

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