Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today at Heike Taisai in Nikko


and collapsing:

A short write up about the festival is here.


owenandbenjamin said...

My two boys have the exact same shoes as that little girl.

Suzie said...

well sleep, lovely xx

Anonymous said...

What a nice impression of the responsibility parents carry.
A nice start into the new week.

daily athens

T. Becque said...

That's sweet. That's one of the best moments as a mom too.

Bergson said...

beautiful costumes

Japy said...

Nice photos full of colour. Greetings.

2cats said...

fashionable boys you have! :)

thank you.

no fun to carry a sleeping child when it's so hot outside. :(

I trust your opinion. I don't have human kids. :)

yes they are! I want one of them!

Thank you so much! We love color and colorful events! :)

Babzy.B said...

what a beautiful shot :)

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