Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mina Hayashi at Heike Taisai in Nikko

Yes, that's Miss Nippon 2010, with all the poise and personality of a bunraku puppet.

And yes, she's wearing a wig.

And here she is modeling some Heian era fashion.

To learn more about Heike Taisai, please read this post on our other blog.


Ashley said...

Nice pics. Lol- the wig...

Peter said...

Beautiful photos - so crisp.

Tussy said...

Beautiful wig!

My Inspiration
My Bangkok Through My Eyes

Joanne said...

I am sure she looks alot better without the wig!!

Joanne said...

You are soooo right about the image I hadn't realized!!! Really incredible if i had wanted to do it I couldn't have:)))
Thanks for the compliment I also really enjoy your photos!

2cats said...

Joanne - LOL! :)

Cafeby, Ashley - yeah, the wig rocks.

Peter - thank you. It's all thanks to photoshop. :)

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