Saturday, June 12, 2010

Definitely not a sleeping cat

After a photo of my son last weekend, now it's time for a picture of my daughter.
So, here she is, in one of her usual moods:


Ashley said...

hahahaha... this is hilarious! I can't wait to get a cat... Sigh, eventually.

Japy said...

Cats are really amazing. Though is dificult to get great photos of them because they move too fast. You got a great one. Greetings.

boomnisanart said...

Great Captured : )

Tussy said...

Like the little tiger.

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2cats said...

Yeah, she THINKS she's a little tiger, but more like a cross between an angry sloth and a duck.

I love taking photos of my children, but don't post them here too often, maybe I should start just a cat photo blog... hmmm...

yes, they are amazing! :)

can you keep a cat in your apartment? I see that now more and more apartments allow cats, dogs, etc. I guess landlords are hurting for money.

Joanne said...

She looks exactly like my cat Bruna!!! I had her for 20 years, she moved on last year:( She also had these kind of expressions:)

rudomi said...

cats are a great subject for photographers :) Actually, cats simply are great :)

Boom Nisanart said...

Anna, I think you should make a blog for your children, you always got the great shot. even me , I didn't have my owns but I got visitor..and I can't resist to make a blog for husband called me " cat woman " now : )

Just in case, you would like to visit :

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