Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our son

yes, he's a cat.

This is a Monochrome Weekend entry.


Dragonstar said...

And he's heading for the laptop...

Lovely lighting and patterns!

Gunn said...

This is great!
Two "things" you love?

Clueless in Boston said...

Love this shot. It looks like the cat is on the prowl for the macbook.

Anonymous said...

You have an eye for the image. Great shot and excellent B&W.

2cats said...

Hi Dragonstar,
it was shot on film, and we had no clue how it would turn out when developed. I think the light was accidental. :)

Hi Gunn,
of course! But I love my son more than my macbook. :)

Hi Clueless in Boston,
Yes, he loves that macbook too. All the hair stuck in the keyboard testifies to that.

Hi awarewriter,
And cats are so lovely to photograph, wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shot. Yes, the cat is making a move for the Mac - is he going to make a blog post?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, forgot to ask you - do you know Maru the cat?

allhorsestuff said...

OH! I love this shot..and that he is your son too..our little Manx was our daughter!

2cats said...

Hi zem!
Yes, I do. Actually, I want to start a youtube channel for my son and daughter. :)

Hi allhorsestuff,
but of course he is my son!!! We also have a daughter, too. Both are rescued cats. :)

michael bird said...

A beautiful b&w!

Nishant Singh said...

haha I have a sister too and she is a fiesty little cat!!! LOL

and my mom loves here way way way too much makes me jealous! LOL..

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