Sunday, May 30, 2010

Firewalking at Zuihoji temple in Kanuma

This event takes place on the last Sunday in May.

no pain, no pain!

This white stuff - it's NOT dry ice (ha! you wish!), but salt.

That crazy monks will do it, that's to be expected, but the spectators also got their chance:

Yes, even children. It would never happen in the US, fire marshals and children's services would have a field day. LOL!

PS. Here's a video of the ceremony. And yes, they walk on those hot coals barefoot.

And here is part 1 of the video - the monks are preparing for the ceremony:

More about the festival can be found on our other blog - here.


Gunn said...

Gosh. Unique shots!!

Anonymous said...

How much I wish to be able/allowed to walk that way once in my life.
Great photography, makes one feel the heat. Please have a nice start into the new week.

daily athens

T. Becque said...

The man's expression in the first image is fabulous - great shot!

Boom Nisanart said...

They are crazy, I would say

Stefan Jansson said...

Wow. Some dedicated people here.

Babzy.B said...

That 's very interesting , your photos are great and the video too !

Joanne said...

fantastic reporting! Did you try:))?

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