Friday, December 11, 2009

genki sushi

it's supposed to be "genki" so why their logo looks so angry?

To read more about conveyor belt sushi, visit my other blog.


Mr. Leif Hagen said...

I think the Welcome Neko cat is more friendly!

Iwonka-chan said...

In my opinion this blog is great!
I really love pics in this blog!

I have been in Genki Sushi many times, and I think it's a very good "belt sushi restaurant". Order system is also nice and easy.

a couple of weeks ago I visit another "belt sushi restaurant" which name is Sushiro. There was only voice order system and your ordered sushi was without number! But each table has its own colour, but if you are there first time it's difficult to notice it.
Also no sound notice when your sushi is arriving soon o.O So during eating you also need to care not to miss your sushi xD

Greatings from Saitama!

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi there Iwonka!
Really? I went to Sushiro in Uts not so long ago, and I'm pretty sure the tables had numbers posted by where the order button and speaker was. And I'm pretty sure when you placed an order, it arrived with the number of your table. I actually prefer Sushiro to Genki Sushi. :)

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