Monday, December 21, 2009

Ashikaga Flower Park one more time



fairy tale:

or Venice:

field of dreams:

and a swan lake:

To read about the winter illumination in Ashikaga, visit my other blog.

And this is my entry for Show Me Japan. Click on the badge below to see more wonderful photos from all over Japan.


Hilda said...

Everything is so wonderful! I like the fairy tale and swan lake the best!

Babzy said...

Amazing lighting , beautiful !

Mr. Leif Hagen said...

The lights are dazzling! Awesome and beautiful!

michael said...

Very, very cool. (I see now some of the delightful things that can happen because of those wires displayed in the Monochrome Weekly photo!)

DekoBoko said...

Fantastic, especially enjoy the "tree," I like the Japanese light-up's they really bring out the crowds and the photographers. Have a great and warm holiday!

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