Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black car white cat

black car white cat


Aileni said...

That was a tricky exposure, huge contrast.
Welcome to the Mono Weekly theme.

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi Aileni!
The sun was shining right on that car and cat and it felt like a total whiteout. But what can I say, I love cats. ;)

mary taitt said...

Fun reflection, nice shot. Contrasty (the cat) but cool.

Dimple said...

You did a good job. Were those patterns in the car leopard?

leif hagen said...

Cute Cat! Wonderful historic car!

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi Mary and Dimple!
It was a pleasure to participate in Monochrome Weekly. Looking forward to doing it again, with a better photo next time. ;)

here any car older than 2 years could be called historic. hehehe... :)

carolynUSA said...

Totally awesome! I love the cat's reflection in the hood of the car! Wonderful contrasts! Wow!

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