Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apartment hunting

yellow and pinkbut sadly, there was nothing available in this awesome colored building.


Kathy said...

Love the color contrast and clarity of the shot...just curious...what camera/lens do you use...your shots have wonderful clarity...

sixmats said...

I like these buildings. My wife hates them. I figure that if we're renting, why not?

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

this particular shot was taken with a Pentax Optio W80, a little waterproof point-and-shoot on a landscape setting.
We have 2 DSLRs: an Alpha100 (Sony, bought it the day it came out, and it still works) and a Nikon D200. I use kit lenses for the Alpha and have one Sigma I just bought. Nikon came with kit lenses. Really, nothing fancy.
I dream of a Sony Alpha 900, but it's not going to happen on my salary anytime soon.
We take tons of photos, really, I mean tons, and out of a hundred there will be maybe one or two somewhat presentable. And those go on the blog. :)

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi sixmats,
I love them too. We're about to move out from the in-laws, can't stand living with them even a minute longer, but the apartment we found (and can afford) is not in a cute building. :(

Kathy said...

Wow!!! Your shots are wonderfully clear and with stunning color...proves it's not the camera but the photographer that truly creates a beautiful photo!!!

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi Kathy!
Thank you for your compliment! :)
But really, like I said, maybe one out of a hundred is clear with nice color. 99% of what we take is just garbage. And that's the beauty of digital photography. We could have never been able to afford it in the 35mm film days. LOL!

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