Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stone Buddhas in Nikko - 日光石仏(アロハ一体)

stone buddhas


Kathryn Watson said...

Love the line of stone Buddha's in this photo! The red in contrast to the green is wonderful!

Kathryn Watson said...

Your photos are all very lovely...each one has such vibrant colors and clarity...wonderful! I will add you to my blog list!!!

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi Kathryn!
Thank you for your comments!
We added you too! :)

Antjas said...

These colors are so rich! Are they wearing bibs because they just finished eating their dinner?

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi Antjas!
I honestly have no idea! But all I can tell you is that 39 years ago they had no bibs and no hats. :)

Mr. Leif Hagen said...

Irashaimase! Welcome to CDP community! I love the Buddha photo! I was a Mombusho English teacher in Gifu-ken in 1989 - 1991! Genki de ne! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

Bill B said...

A lovely place, nicely photographed.

utsunomiyadailyphoto said...

Hi Leif!
ありがとう!Minnesota you say? We used to live for a very brief while one state down from you. :)

Hi Bill,
Nikko is a very "dangerous" place - every time we go there, we want to buy a house there immediately. And actually, there is a lot for sale very nearby those Buddhas. LOL!

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